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To Cali or Bust

Greetings fellow fuzz rock lovers

Just dropping in to tell everyone how stupid excited we are to finally step foot back in the studio to record our second full length album! We have been given a huge opportunity to make our way to California to record and we are pumped. We are in the process of raising money to help out with the trip so be sure to head on over to our merch store and check out our new shirt bundle. Or if you want to support us by a donation you can do that here. 2018 shall be a full year of awesome new music, new tour announcements and special merch deals all year round!

2017 seen some wild and crazy times and we plan on taking it all to the next level in 2018. We couldn't make any of this possible without the continued help and support from each and everyone of you out there.

Stay classy, stay fresh, and remember the fuzz



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