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Sinerje Studio's Show Review

Walk into any venue where RedWitch Johnny is playing and you’re sure to check your iCalender for the year. With blazing guitar riffs and a sense of style straight out of 1978, RW is the quintessential southern Rock band.

Hailing from STILWELL Oklahoma, RedWitch Johnny got their name playing word games and their sound from the a myriad of rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Lynard Skynard, Wolfmother, Deep Purple and a smattering of Uriah Heep and just enough deep delta soulful blues to give it that push. They channel old-school energy so well there were times I half expected Kevin Kimble to throw back his red curls to reveal he was actually Scott Gorham.

The energy between band mates and brothers Kevin Kimble (guitars, vocals and THERAMON!), Micheal Kimble (guitar, keys, vocals) is electrifying enough, but add straight-man Denton Hopkins (drums), who can tell a story with the straightest of faces and you’ve got a trio that will blow your mind both on and off stage.

When I caught up with them on the road in Springfield, MO, we sat in for an on-air interview and I have to say, they do not disappoint off stage either. They carry an almost iconic presence both with look and personality, and the talent will almost knock you off your chair.

I was fortunate enough to catch their show at legendary Nathan P. Murphy’s in Springfield, during which guitarist had the crowd going crazy with haunting melodies played on a THEROMAN. Yes, you read that right. Guitarist meets geek made for one hell of a good show and as they exited the stage after their blazing set I over heard several crowd members asking when they’d be back and where could they find them next.

After their set, they stuck around to listen to their friends and have a meet and greet with the audience members. Not at all prima-dona-ish though they certainly have the skills to be, this down-to-earth OK band is one you’re going to want to keep your eyes – AND ears – on.

Catch the next set by following them on FACEBOOK or check out their website at

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